Technically it’s spring, but there’s been just a little winter snow!


When I moved to Ipswich last year my father and I went for a walk up to the Old Cemetery. It was summer and it was one of the year’s three hot days.

Sea-of-gravestonesMy goodness what a difference yesterday was to last August. ‘The Beast from the East’ has been blasting Siberian freezing air across the North Sea and mini blizzards have been whipping across the East of England.

Ipswich-Old-CemeteryDuring our summer visit, my father reminisced on attending the funeral of his grandfather in the Old Cemetery and as we strolled around he tried to work out in which of the pair of chapels the service had been held.

Chapel-in-blizzardIt looked very dramatic today in the fading light and bitter cold. The snow didn’t ease off and after 45 minutes my hands were so cold I could hardly hold my camera. (I know, I know, I should have some of those fancy Tech gloves, but at about £30 per pair it’s hardly worth it when we’ll probably get only three days of properly cold weather in a single year.) So back home it was, but fortunately that’s only now a few houses down from the cemetery gates.




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12 Responses to Technically it’s spring, but there’s been just a little winter snow!

  1. margaret21 says:

    Well done for suffering in the cause of those wonderfully atmospheric photos. I hope you sorted yourself out with crumpets, cocoa, whisky, or whatever works for you when you’re frozen to the marrow.

  2. Wow, what great photos. We’ve had a mild winter here and pretty much no snow, I miss it. Although March can bring big snows too, I think some of our largest were in this month…well, I digress. I mean to say, I find a snowstorm exciting (as long as I am not in the car) and so beautiful and transforming. Stay warm and enjoy.

  3. agnesashe says:

    Yes, I have mixed feelings about snow. We aren’t very good at dealing with it here in England as it is probably only serious about once a decade. Snow does make even the most ugly settings interesting if not actually beautiful, but it is bad news if you have to travel anywhere. It is very much stay at home if possible.

  4. rthepotter says:

    Proper snow! We only had a little, and then freezing rain which put a lethal layer of black ice on every path and road. I felt very cheated.

  5. And I have a parka hanging in my cupboard that I bought in a Parisienne autumn and have no hope of wearing in coastal New South Wales. It wouldn’t be warm enough for THAT day. Great photos.

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