UK Handmade Winter Showcase

UK-Handmade-Winter-2017It is now November and I think we can safely mention ‘Christmas’ and yesterday the Winter/Christmas UK Handmade Showcase went live. One of my silk scarves has been featured, and, I love the way the UK Handmade folk have chosen a scarf that complements the beautiful flowers by Larkspur Floral Designs.

I didn’t submit any pictures of chiffon scarves this autumn, but seeing recent photographs from Vogue reporting on the forthcoming fashion trends for next spring, it appears that chiffon is going to be popular again.

It is odd looking forward to spring when we’ve only just had the first full frost of autumn, but that’s the fashion business.


Valeria Lilac long chiffon scarf


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12 Responses to UK Handmade Winter Showcase

  1. I’ve always loved chiffon even though I am pretty sure I have never worn it. I even like the word, chiffon. And you are right, the flowers and your scarf set each other off just beautifully. Congratulations!

  2. My girlfriend wore chiffon at my first wedding and many thought she was the bride 😀 I think you have to be tall and lissome, as she was at the time, to do it justice.

    • agnesashe says:

      Yes, I would agree about being tall for full chiffon dresses, but I think the addition of chiffon sleeves to a non sheer dress or blouse gets the best of both worlds.

      • That’s an interesting thought, and takes care of the “tuck-shop” arms at the same time! (Let me know if that description does not translate 🙂 )

      • agnesashe says:

        It’s not an expression I’ve heard hear, but I think the equivalent is “bingo wings”! 😬

      • That’s it. The idea is that all the mothers who serve in the school canteen have big floppy arms. I’m suffering myself in my mature years.

      • agnesashe says:

        I find the scrutiny that our physical bodies receive these days is worse than it ever was and that’s despite women trying to blank negative comments. Interestingly, are there equivalents for out of shape male bodies? There probably are, but nothing is immediately springing to mind.

      • Beer belly is all that springs to mind. And in some quarters, that is considered a source of pride.

      • agnesashe says:

        Oh yes, beer belly, great! although that can apply to guys of all ages. Seems there is, as usual, more unfavourable comments for mature women. “The old warlock” doesn’t quite work in the way that “The old witch” is used. Sadly, I think we have centuries of negativity to combat.

      • I’m so with you. We even had people chanting “Ditch the Witch” when our first and only female Prime Minister fell out of favour. Encouraged by one of our leading male radio talkback hosts. Can you imagine!!!

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