Long gone favourites


Autumn is most definitely in the air. We’ve passed the autumnal equinox and the late summer blooms are looking ragged and at the end of the their displays. I have found myself choosing colours from the warmer end of the spectrum, adding more images that feature browns and oranges to my Pinterest board ‘October Living‘. Early autumn is also the time when craft folk start preparing for the Christmas Fairs they will be attending. I have been reviewing my current stock and remembering some of my favourite scarves that have been sold.

Considering how long it takes me to paint a scarf, strangely, once they have been sold I can hardly remember what they looked like. It has been surprising to rediscover them whilst searching through various memory sticks seeking suitable images to use for my Christmas promotional material.

A quick review suggests that black and pink designs have been appreciated by others as well as being a personal favourite and scarves featuring blues and greens are also popular. All my work pictured above has been sold, but this long crepe de chine ticks all the boxes, pink and black and blue and green, and is currently for sale on my shop.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

12 thoughts on “Long gone favourites”

      1. Haha. Not at all. Very bouncy. Very upbeat. Always smiling, always darting about. But a bit like the Everyready bunny (if you have that battery ad over there). When the battery goes flat, she drops immediately. She is in her sixties and works as an interior designer. Doing a lot of makeovers for pre-sale house inspections at the moment.

      2. I think she did art school then branched off into nursing, marrying, family, etc. About ten years back she went out on a limb to establish her design business. It took a few years to gain momentum, but now she is run off her feet. Her biz is called Styled by Penelope. There’s a headshot on the website, but you really need to see a full length shot to appreciate the whole Anna Wintour thing. Size, build, posture, etc as well as the hair and colouring. She is absolutely an autumn!

      3. Aren’t you clever!!! I looked all over the place for a shot that would demonstrate what I was talking about. That one is very recent, taken just a few months ago. She is a fashion icon AND she does it on a budget. She has a great eye for spotting the best in the op shops too.

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