Spring sunlight, apple blossom and photographing my work

Hetty-Blue-Apr-ModelFresh spring weather and I have been making the most of the late afternoon sunlight.

Valeria-viva-model-twoRe-photographing a few scarves with different styling.Hilda-jade-model-twoAnd, almost capturing a smile!Mayme-model-two-square



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Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.
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7 Responses to Spring sunlight, apple blossom and photographing my work

  1. The scarves look great, and I am intrigued by the glasses and their reflections, and how they complement the scarves. Wow. For both photos and scarves!

  2. Those sunglasses are effective. And your model adorable. The scarves are the star. Delightful.

    • agnesashe says:

      Thanks Gwen. Sunglasses were ‘model’s own’ as they say. Bit of luck that they looked okay and contemporary rather than my ancient Jackie O type!

  3. They look so cool! I love the styling as well.💕💕💕

    • agnesashe says:

      Thank you. It’s always a bit hit and miss depending on what mood my daughter is in and we nearly always end up having a row about how to take the photos!

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