Have you noticed . . . ?

Chloé-advertLast month I was flicking my way through a bumper fashion edition of The Sunday Times Style magazine when I was struck by how many adverts looked warm and cosy.


That is they have either been shot outside during the natural ‘golden hour’ or the photographer has covered the lens with a warm/orange filter or added a warm filter adjustment layer in post-production.


It occurred to me that maybe in times of heightened uncertainty and fearfulness people appreciate comforting pictures. Images drenched in soft, golden sunlight suggest intimate, homely times and offer a whisper of reassurance. Interestingly, interior shots contrived with a distinctly retro feel have also made a return.


Indeed, the Gucci perfume advert has a distinctly late-sixties hippie feel with the vintage rattan chair and birdcage. Perhaps the freed birds within this setting is a discrete celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the ‘summer of love’, an outward-looking, hopeful moment that was drenched in optimism.


It can’t simply be a coincidence that so many luxury brands have chosen this style intimating that expensive luxury products equate with feeling warm, safe and secure. Even the Times Competition at the back of the magazine had the picture of Paris soaked in a golden light!


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

18 thoughts on “Have you noticed . . . ?”

  1. Surely ’twas ever thus? I must admit I don’t tend to notice adverts, fashion shoots etc. much, but I can’t think they’ve ever done that many on the Atlantic coast during a howling gale! Obviously that’s an exaggeration, but still …..

    1. Do you remember a certain PM – photoshoot, huskies, selling ‘green politics’ – Arctic, sunny, but cool, cool light – clean, fresh, into the bright future. Subtle or not?? All great fun though, don’t you think?

  2. The visceral memories I have of the TV series Lovejoy was that the sun always shone and that all the cottages had thatched rooves. Not quite true but that cosiness always has stuck with me.

    1. Ah well that would be beautiful Suffolk (very dry county). Ye olde worlde cottages and medieval timber framed houses were Lavenham and its surrounding area (I used to live about 40 mins away) and many episodes featured Long Melford which when I visited last year was glorious on a classic sun-drenched spring day. What more can I say 😊 You can probably tell I like Suffolk. Lovejoy was great fun, expect it looks rather dated today not least as it won’t have all the traffic and parked cars everywhere.

  3. You certainly have a good eye Agnes. I don’t take much notice of adverts but I did take an indoor shot the other afternoon with a table lamp on and the result was suffused with a golden glow. Very comforting indeed. And a contrast to the blazing sunlight outside.

    1. It is part of my work to keep an eye on what’s happening in the fashion world, but I find I’m usually scrutinising it all whilst wearing my Art Historian’s hat, hence the slightly jaded critique.

  4. All concoted Agnes. I have a neighbour who is a professional photographer doing that kind of work. He weaves magic in his studio after taking the images.

    1. Yes, what would the world look like these days without Photoshop, Lightroom and the rest. There are even apps for phones not just to remove red-eye, but to whiten teeth . . . nothing is as it seems, but then the camera and the artist have always lied or should I say given us their interpretations!

  5. It is definitely not coincidental! I suspect they are having a secret conference before deciding the mood of the season. Yes, we tend to turn to the past for comfort and reassurance when the future is uncertain and unpleasant. I do love the opulence and prettiness of floral trend after years of having to see the trend of busted knees and buggy jumpers though😆

    1. Yes, I was very pleased to see more pattern and more colour on the runways, but sadly that hasn’t translated into more colourfully dressed people in everyday life in a provincial city like Norwich. I had a good look at people out shopping and it was mostly dark grey, dark blue and black as usual with a few seniors doing beige – what can I say!

      1. This week’s chilly weather doesn’t help it, does it? What happened to the mini heatwave of last week?! I’m sure colours and florals will be back on our streets once the weather warms up again!☀️☀️☀️

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