Mother’s Day – 26 March 2017



As we approach Mother’s Day (here in the UK) I have been lucky once again to be selected by UK Handmade to have a couple of my scarves featured in their Spring Showcase.

As you may already know I take all my own product and publicity photos. I have been photographing my own work for four years now, but try as I might I still can’t get my head round photographing in advance, in preparation for the next season. I always marvel at the wintery Christmas television adverts that were most likely shot in high summer.


The best I can manage is to create the feel of a season. For spring this year I initially had a go at working with yellow, but in the end I have chosen pink for the main colour. I’m going all out with spring pink. In fact I have even rearranged my shop homepage to start with all the pink and mostly pink scarves. Who doesn’t love a little double pink cherry blossom?

Agnes Ashe

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – 26 March 2017”

  1. Well done. And the model’s gone blonde. Just these past few weeks – I think after seeing the new Prime Suspect 1973 series where the actress looks like Pixie Lott – I’ve been searching for a word to describe the look of blonde hair and dark eyebrows. I don’t think there is one, but I think there should be.

    1. Thanks. Since this photo the model has gone very, very dark brunette again! Yes I agree about a specific word for blonde hair and dark eyebrows. It can be totally natural. I had a school friend who was platinum blonde with almost black eyebrows. Very striking.

      1. I used to think it was natural, and admire that sort of blended darker blonde hair, but latterly came to believe that this was just because I was a male fool, and that it was just dark hair dyed well, so now I don’t know what to think.

        In the Beiderbecke Trilogy of books by Alan plater, which I read as a child, they refer to a platinum blonde in there and whilst this caused me much confusion for many years I did come to assume that it was some sort of bottle blonde. Now you’re saying that’s natural too? I just don’t know what to think anymore.

      2. Oh soorrrry – platinum blonde is an old one. It was an expression my mother used when she described my friend’s very, very pale almost white hair. I think the natural colour is uncommon, but much coveted and, of course, there’s big money from women (and men) dyeing their hair and a blonde dye that didn’t look brassy must have been a breakthrough. I expect most people these days with that unusual colour are not totally natural. All the fake hair pretty much in step with our fake times!!

  2. Beautiful works! When I was younger, I used to stick to monochrome, believing I would look “cool and mean”. However, I’ve noticed that I am attracted to brighter and lighter hues like pink, pale blue and yellow as I grow older. The colours not only flattering but also they uplift my mood too! 👍🏻💕x

    1. Yes, I know it should be obvious, but as we age and, let’s face it fade, it’s worthwhile experimenting and choosing a new palette. I think our celebrity obsessed times with everything so photoshopped is very misleading. It has always been better to develop your own style and naturally as we age that will change. Still it is difficult when the Hollywood stars present such a plastic façade.

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