‘Reproductions’ – a pictorial essay







This follows on from last week’s post, ‘John Berger – Look again’.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “‘Reproductions’ – a pictorial essay”

    1. Ah well, that is down to the photographic lights used in that shot. In reality the scarf looked more like the top picture. And, of course, I don’t know what device you are viewing this on, but if I look at it on my HP computer screen it looks bright, but on my old iPhone 4 it’s duller and more greeny looking. I’ve given up trying to tweak photos to match the real life version as we all have different screens and they are also set at different brightness levels.
      Photos most certainly lie!!!

    1. Mmmmm – now that is a good question. I could have a go at writing an essay on it 😉
      Here is the story. There was a scarf I painted, photographed and sold. I kept the photos on my laptop. Earlier this year my brolly broke so I thought get another. Then, serendipitously, the company I use to print my labels sent me an offer I couldn’t refuse. So, I designed the brolly ‘image’ using my photos of the original painted scarf, added my logo and sent the file off to the printing company. Then about a week later one bespoke umbrella arrived. I am very pleased with it as the colours look fine though not as subtle as the original scarf.
      I suppose it is one of my creations, but I didn’t make it myself. 😄

      1. That’s a nice idea, but I am afraid an umbrella would have to be at least £150 (AU$ 240) plus extra for complicated packaging and delivery. Also, it wouldn’t be a ‘one only’ piece so I don’t think it is viable.

  1. Loved the umbrella too and enjoyed the explanation but would still say you had a major part in the ‘making’ of it. I found the black and white outline for the design interesting because at first glance there seemed to be a group of people singing or crying out…

    1. That’s very interesting – I have looked back at my big black and white photo of this scarf and I see what you mean. I saw people immediately. Isn’t it intriguing what our brain does and how the ‘colour coding’ overrides the ‘shape coding’. Thank you for your thought – it has made me properly pause and consider what I am doing. I am so conscious of colour and perhaps it overrides all else. I think I might now routinely photograph the outline/black and white phase and see what alternatives arise.

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