Working up a fennel/morning glory design

Fennel-2Change of season and change of mood and I’m feeling like working stripes into my more floral scarf designs. Looking at Mother Nature’s versions of decorative streaks has given me a good place to start.

Some variations of Morning Glory have been worth stripping back to a slightly less intricate rendering and then worked with different colour combinations.

However, although these ideas would work well if I was screen-printing them onto a scarf, my freehand, painting style needs to have a looser starting point. I thought I’d combine these heavier looking floral shapes with my recent fennel inspired motifs.


Here’s work in progress of a version I’ve created combining the two ideas.



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4 Responses to Working up a fennel/morning glory design

  1. These are beautiful and I also like the insight into how you assess their characteristics for making a composition.

  2. agnesashe says:

    Thank you. Over the years I’ve got to recognise the limitations of the different media I work in. I guess it’s the same for you if your working with paint or clay.

  3. The video 0f you painting was fascinating! I have a whole new appreciation of what ‘hand painted’ means.

    • agnesashe says:

      In this video – all a bit wobbly!! I’m usually more steady than this, but the minute I knew the camera was filming I got all jittery. This was the third attempt – quite pathetic really. 😄

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