After the rain some cheery survivors

Pattern-floral-possTimes are a little turbulent and it’s been a grey summer so far, but some flowers are doing just fine. Hardy geraniums, single clematis, small spray roses, foxgloves and poppies.

Beautiful flowers in the garden, as arrangements or simply as a single bloom bring some cheer to our daily grind.

Although I have been moaning about the English weather in previous posts, I have had enough survivors by the beginning of July for two mantlepiece arrangements.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “After the rain some cheery survivors”

    1. Ta – I do like the ol’ pastels, although in the garden I have some very dark red blooms and bronze foliage to add a bit of depth – as you do!!

  1. Lucky you – some gorgeous photos! We are into the 2nd month of drought and record heat alerts so we’re just watering to keep root systems alive. Feeling sorry for our poor farmers who have a disaster on their hands😟

  2. Yes my Dad was telling me that they’re experiencing record temperatures and drought in Spain too. Tough times. Just hope that there is some 21st century tech overseeing and improving the irrigation systems. I vividly remember the drought scenes in the movie ‘Sarah, Plain and Tall’ let’s hope the farmers fare considerably better in 2016 than the fictional 1910 version.

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