What a difference in just 8 weeks!


Meadow rue – thalictrum aquilegiifolium

A couple of months ago everything in the garden looked as though the abundance of summer would never arrive and then suddenly here it all is. There are plants bursting into flower and flowing all over each other.

Here are a couple of examples that have so far withstood the torrential rain we’ve been experiencing, but, sadly, I have to report my old fashioned roses have been hammered.

But, after a quick tour round the beds I see there’s plenty of potential waiting in the wings. There are lilies, perennial poppies and some knautia all in bud.

Of course, the open, cheerful and always reliable oxeye daisies are a favourite with the bees. They also look beautiful and fresh in the early morning sun (when we have some!).


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

18 thoughts on “What a difference in just 8 weeks!”

  1. Looks familiar. My Dad’s been out today cutting back the burgeoning undergrowth so we can all see what’s going on under there.

    1. Yes, when I started out with this garden one of my neighbours told me I’d spend the first 5 years planting and then the next 10 years cutting it all back! I often think of that these days (11 years so far) when wielding my secateurs and loppers.

  2. What a particularly lovely photo that last one is, of the oxeye daisies. Sorry your roses have taken a battering, but on balance, the flowers seem to enjoy this cool wet weather. I wish I did.

    1. Thank you I liked the shot of the daisies. Some of the flowers are lasting longer in the cool, but all this rain means I’ve lost a third of my runner bean plants to slug and snail damage.

    1. Thank you. Oh yes – winter for you – that is one of the best things about the Internet everyday you can see or read about day-to-day life all round the planet reminding us we share a fascinating and diverse world.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful pictures, they make me forget the rain
    falling home this year is a deluge in the spring …
    I wish you a good weekend !

    1. Thank you. It looks like all across Northern Europe we’ve had an unusual amount of rain in the last couple of months.
      Wishing you a dry and sunny weekend. 😊

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