Minimising waste – reusing and upcycling

Cut-strips-painted-silkI’m just embarking on another longer term project with the aim of making use of the silk offcuts that I’ve collected over the years. Not all the scraps are the colours I want for this new textile hanging, so I’ve been busy re-dyeing batches using a stovetop dye bath.

I suppose it’s not surprising that the colours I’ve been putting together are reflecting the fresh yellows, bright greens and varying pinks brightening up my back garden, and that’s despite the recent unseasonal hail.

Once I’ve re-dyed enough silk I will cut long strips ready for hooking. Then whenever I need a break from standing at the computer or standing at my painting frame, I’ll sit, dip into my box of silk strips, and hook a few more inches. It’s a time consuming process, but a few inches each day will eventually, eventually  . . . . .  result in a finished wall hanging.

Close up of a very pale yellow daffodil
The late and the last daffodil still standing. A resilient bloom enduring this disappointing cold, wet and windy April 2016.




Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

7 thoughts on “Minimising waste – reusing and upcycling”

    1. I will post pics at some point, but you know the expression ‘like watching paint dry’ – the ‘progress’, well, it’s even more tedious than that.

    1. Thank you for your compliment 😌 There aren’t going to be any photos for a while as it really doesn’t look like ANYTHING so far. 😁

      1. Okay – happy to wait for the finished product even if it’s going to take a while…maybe consider taking photos throughout in case you want to describe the process in the future? I always love your colour combinations!

      2. I have taken a few pics already, but it all looks very odd and uneven. It will have to be a post when it’s finished with a couple of ‘here’s how I did it’ shots. Mind you it’s still not going to be exciting stuff 😐

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