Spring flowers


Finally we had a sunny day and I ventured out to have a quick look round the garden. The hellebore flowers and the hebe foliage are looking colourful, but that was about all.


So feeling impatient I’ve cheated for my spring bouquet and bought some tulips to add a little more flower power. These tulips are Libretto Parrot and will open into a frilly, striped affair.


I’m sure I used to have pink and green stripy tulips (Greenland) in the front garden, but I don’t think I planted them deep enough to survive more than one season. Still, these parrots will bring a burst of spring colour indoors.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “Spring flowers”

    1. Well, hopefully I’ll soon have a lot more colour. It appears that we’ve had a momentary hiccup in our early spring, but it’s already to burst out with a few days of sunshine. But, another cloudy day today I’m afraid. 😔

  1. I always feel an emotional response when I open your posts with these particular flower photos. I am not sure whether it is the depth of field you use . . . it is more than the colour combination. There is a sense of intensity and moodiness, coupled with a deep richness. Like floral comfort food.

    1. Well, how kind of you to say that. I’ve been messing about with depth of field for a while now and have mixed feelings about it regarding what’s subsequently not in focus. As you do!😄
      Usually you can’t go wrong with beautiful flowers – definitely ‘comfort food’.

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