I think I was there!

I recently exhibited at an art fair in Chelsea, London, and the promotional video has now been uploaded. A little word of warning it does contain several seconds of extremely fast cut rate – I’m guessing something to do with fitting images to the soundtrack. Along with myself there were over 50 artists exhibiting and this video certainly shows how busy and crowded the event was showcasing fine art, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and jewellery.


Sadly, the most outstanding, beautiful pieces are not shown at all – that was a range of glorious blue ceramics by a woman from the west country. And, that isn’t just my opinion. It was the buzz from quite a few of my fellow talented and knowledgeable exhibitors. Looks like the ‘craft’ part didn’t make the cut.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

4 thoughts on “I think I was there!”

  1. From the little that the viewer sees of the actual art it looks like a fantastic array of work. You certainly must be proud having been one of the artists displaying. I am biased but there was too much of people and not enough of the art in this video, in fact if I had the edit control there would have been 95% art, 5% people. If the display had been of “beautiful people” then OK feature people in the video promotion but was it not an art fair? I have strong opinions about the politics behind the art world as experienced in fairs, exhibitions, galleries etc.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment – it’s pretty much what I thought. To be honest I suspect the promo is more about enticing new artists and craft folk to join one of their upcoming fairs than prospective collectors wishing to buy art. Of course, I walked round early on the first day before the visitors arrived and had a good look at everyone’s displays. The standard was extremely variable. Some work was truly excellent, some pretty average and I’m sorry to say, and taste aside, some was very poor indeed. Nevertheless there was plenty that a video could have shown giving a better balance between the ‘crowds’ and the art and still not be boring in the 1 min 48 seconds promo. I think the film maker actually wants to be working on music videos, but I guess a paid job is a paid job!

  2. Well I agree with Denis, but I also felt a twinge that I could not be there and be a part of it. It looks a wonderful day and I loved the touches with the musicians. Which stand number was yours? Did the media makers get close? . . Have you had much feedback yet?

    1. Denis is spot on with his comment! I was stand 37, but you never see it. Well, actually you never see much of most of the work there either. Amusingly, there is a single frame in one of the machine gun bursts (super trendy video styling (not)) where you can just see a thin slither of my wall hanging. And, the only reason that was used is because they wanted to included a shot of the amazingly looking young Spanish man with body art and great hair. I know he’s Spanish because he was one of the exhibitors and not a visitor and I’d chatted to him about his jewellery made from aircraft metal. The music group players were there at the private view only and the duo performed in the attached Tea Room. Perhaps, it was an attempt to make it feel more cultured, but it was such a random mix of work with such variable standards of execution – ‘cultured’ (a heavily contested idea at the best of times) is maybe too grand a word.
      I’ve not had any direct contacts regarding my work at the event, but I did sell a chiffon scarf yesterday – so maybe the art fair has led to more traffic to my blog, Instagram and shop which in turn has resulted in the sale. I also gave out over 50 promotional postcards. Chatting to strangers is not my forte and I’m certainly no born sales person!!!! But, hey-ho, it was a new experience.
      Thanks Gwen for watching the vid and your comments – always valued especially from a TV professional! 😊

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