A golden doubling up


Last October three metres of crepe de chine arrived to be painted for a blouse. Three metres will take me about two weeks to complete, but before I begin such a project I take the opportunity to make some samples and often a scarf to establish that I’ve interpreted the brief as expected.

Here are a few photographs as the work progressed.

The finished scarf after steaming showing the colours just that little bit brighter.


And, half way through the three metres of crepe de chine – last autumn.


Fast-forward to February 2016 and the silk has been made up. I’m always thrilled to see my work transformed into garments.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “A golden doubling up”

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, both my painting and then the making of one-offs is very labour intensive and becomes an expensive affair. Fortunately, there are some folks who are willing to pay for an original.

    1. Ah sorry, that’s me – I did all the golds and mustards and photographed it, but for a scarf just felt that it needed more definition so I used my old solution of black. Back in the day my textiles teacher used to say she could always recognise my work from the way I used black. I don’t use it so much these days, but it is still my fall back choice!

  1. I’m now the proud owner of this golden scarf, and I can confirm it’s just as lovely as it looks in the photos!

    1. Oh Fran – I did wonder when I was typing out the address label if it was you, the same Fran from the Blogging world, but didn’t want to presume – thank you so much for buying it. So pleased you like it and thanks for the comment. Am surprised it was delivered today as the post lady said it would be Monday!

      1. I was surprised too but pleased as the scarf is for a special event this Friday, so it was good to get it so quickly. Beautifully packaged too!

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