Pink for Valentine’s Day

Hyde-Park-shade-pink-lipsLast weekend I noticed in the supermarket a whole aisle of red and pink stuff. As Halloween is a black and orange affair and Christmas is white, red and green and Easter has been yellow for decades, it is now usual to colour-code Valentine’s Day. That’s red and pink. With a couple of weeks to Valentine’s Day there’s going to be plenty of red and pink in the shops.

Not wanting to buck the trend or frighten the horses I’m posting photos of some pink and pinkish scarves. Pink for your Valentine is, apparently, the order of the day. I do have some red scarves too, but pink, especially pale pink, is often more flattering particularly when worn near the face.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

14 thoughts on “Pink for Valentine’s Day”

  1. These are so spring like and uplifting – I especially like the gauzy, chiffon look ones. Valentines day is not a favourite of mine – another commercial reason for ‘stuff’…however if my sweetheart showed up with one of these I might rethink my opinion!

    1. Haha – yup I know what you mean about STUFF – really many of us do have far too much! I’m not a fan of the day either – has caused too much trouble in the past.

    1. Yes I agree the pink and black is more dramatic. I think it depends on your colouring which one suits you the best. For myself I choose quite strong colours as highlights – I particularly like your red framed glasses.

      1. I had my colours done years back when it was all the rage – I think I was a winter. As well as bold, pure colours, I could do pale pink, blue etc. Very bright pink looks great too, but for economy and flexibility my wardrobe is mostly black, white and red. I don’t like shopping though, so that contributes to limiting myself 😀

      2. Oh yes, I remember that trend. My mother always said she was autumn and those golden based moss greens, ambers and russets did suit her, but she liked the pastels!

      3. Those warm muted (and muddy?) colours look horrible on me, but great on redheads and those with tawny complexions. My girlfriend had a dress shop and was forever trying to put me into her colours, bless. She loved animal prints, especially lions and such like. I have to be careful which red I buy. Sometimes it is verging towards russet, even though it still looks red in the shop.

      4. It’s sometimes really difficult these days making sure you’ve got the colour you want if you can’t get the item into natural daylight. With some of these enormous shopping malls (not my choice) there’s no chance of getting to a window let alone outside to the street. My mother set off alarms more than once taking something to the doorway to see it in natural light!

      5. I completely agree! And I am struggling with the artificial lights as they seem to be dazzling my eyes behind the glasses. I feel as if I need to shade my eyes simply to read the labels!

      6. It seems the retailers go from one extreme to another. My daughter did a stint of Christmas shop work during Sixth Form for a US Brand where it was so dark and gloomy in the store you could hardy see the assistants if they weren’t moving!

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