A dog day at the beach


Sometimes you just need to get away from everything for a couple hours and let the wind blow away all the cobwebs in your head. The exposed east coast of Norfolk often has a ‘brisk’ breeze and I usually come back from a walk at Waxham feeling as though I’ve been somewhat sandblasted.


Most of the dogs at the beach seemed to thoroughly enjoy running around off the lead.

However, not all of them appreciated a soaking by an unexpectedly, energetic wave catching them off guard.


For me, I’m re-energized and feel ready to carry on with the wall hanging and now have a clearer idea how to achieve the finished piece – eventually!

silk and mixed fibre wall hanging
Detail of work in progress. ‘The Disintegration of Hilarion’ – wall hanging made with painted silk, silk taffeta, cotton velvet and wool.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

23 thoughts on “A dog day at the beach”

  1. Fantastic doggie photos: so full of character. High praise indeed from someone who has only become very slightly dog-friendly since the arrival of daughter’s dalmatian.

  2. Fun dog photos especially the one of the poor unhappy pup. This is such interesting work you’ve teased us with here! What a wonderful mix of colour and mediums…is it for the February show?

    1. Yup – you guessed it. And it’s taking a long time to do and I can’t tell yet if I’m achieving what I want to. Having a few 4.00 am moments (waking up worried) on this one.

    1. That sounds like a good idea. Easier to say a few words than get out paper and pencil. Dickens was a great believer in walking as an aid to his work – miles everyday.

      1. 😁 ‘fraid I think he might be VERY successful in so many ways, but he still wrote some dodgy female characters. ‘Little Dorrit’ what a pain!

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