Preparing for a show


Now looking at this opening photograph you’re perhaps asking, ‘Is this preparation for a literary function?’ ‘Has Agnes decided to write, make, craft a book about painting silk?’ Well, actually no.


Yes, you’ve guessed correctly – it’s silk painting, but not scarves.  Technically the work is being drawn and painted in a similar way, but it has a different starting point. Initially, wearing my art historian’s hat, I revisited my thoughts and interpretations on the Ranworth rood screen. I reread my notes and thoroughly looked through my 100 plus photos of the beautiful yet gently faded apostles and saints. Then I worked up some ideas.


After painting a couple of muted and faded pieces I decided to stick with the time-worn old gold tradition but add in some rich crimsons and deep blues. I think these colours would have been familiar to a medieval cloth merchant, however, including so much zingy turquoise might be too 21st century for a 15th-century sensibility.


Oh yes and the show – it’s a Parallax Art Fair, in Chelsea Town Hall, London, in February 2016.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “Preparing for a show”

    1. Thank you. To be honest I just really enjoy looking at medieval work and marvel that such fragile painting as the rood screens has survived through the centuries.

      1. Yes, exciting, but I’m already feeling edgy and a little exposed. Can’t image how you dealt with your book launch and all that public scrutiny. I do truly admire you and what you’ve achieved. Bravery comes in many forms.

  1. Living in a community village, I realise people smile to my face,and talk about me behind my back. Thank goodness I have friends and neighbours who believe in me, and challenge their prejudiced comments. . . . I read two negative book reviews and it put me in a hole for weeks. Then I realised one of them had stepped outside of her remit of reviewing a book, and had decided it was in her realm to comment on me/my choices personally. Not on. Especially when I discovered that her “platform” as a former legal aid lawyer was seriously undermined by having been barred from practicing law for two years due to misconduct. So I didn’t even bother to revisit what had bothered me about the other review. It’s hard to put ourselves “out there”. We want people to understand what we are banging on about. To “get” us. What drives us, what motivates us. From where do we draw our muse. Shared passion, and all that. Some will, many won’t. We have to rise above being subject to how others judge us. But! It’s nice to be validated. And it will be a hard nut, whoever does not appreciate the obvious beauty of your work. And those that understand the research, technique, interpretation and execution will be the bonus aficionados. BTW on another topic, you will never believe I think I have just found my entree into my next book through a painting. Will tell more in another comment. In a few days. Still on grandkids duty. Just about to exercise the, “it’s 10pm, hand in the electronic devices and get settled for sleep”, nasty Nonna routine. 😀

    1. You know, Gwen, I don’t think it makes any difference who you really are, where you’re from or what you’re doing well, there will always be someone who wants to bring you down. Don’t they call it ‘tall poppy syndrome’? And, as far as I can see, these negative comments/reviews often say so much more about the person making those remarks than the individual they are targeted at. I was sorry to read that anybody should comment negatively on your book let alone your personal life choices – how mean-spirited. I guess for some people attacking others is the only way they temporarily feel good about themselves. How very sad.
      Thanks for your supportive comments on my work and loads of positive energy to you for your next book – am v. interested to see ‘the painting’!

    1. Yes, the turquoise – there turned out more than I’d planned in my next big piece too. I’ve been busy balancing the zing!!! Mmm rather filled with trepidation about the show, but will post about it after.

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