An agreeable feature

Agnes-Ashe-hand-painted-silk-scarf-Portia-apple-clup copyEarlier this week I had a pleasant surprise to find that one of my scarves (Portia apple) had been selected and featured in an Etsy festive ‘Editors’ Picks’. Apparently, there are over 30 million items listed on Etsy so I’m genuinely surprised and very grateful to have something selected for the ‘Under £100’ gifts category.

One of my scarves featured by the Etsy Editors in the ‘Gifts under £100’.

I must be a bit thick as I only found out my work had been featured when I kept seeing referrals for this scarf on my stats page coming from ‘Editors’ Picks’. Well, anyway, thank you to the Editors!

The Make It British Christmas newsletter.

And, also thanks to the folks at Make It British who also included one of my scarves (Hilda ruby) in their Christmas newsletter.

Oh yes, and whilst I’m spreading the love, today (3 Dec 2015) sees the arrival in UK bookshops of ‘I Belong to No One’ written by fellow blogger Gwen Wilson. Congratulations to Gwen and hopefully lots of sales!

Agnes-Ashe-hand-painted-silk-scarf-Hilda-ruby-box copy


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

17 thoughts on “An agreeable feature”

      1. Hi Agnes, tried twice to say thank you on this post, and it keeps pinging across to my post. There’s a mischievous elf at work at WordPress. Congratulations on having your scarves showcased. They deserve every accolade they receive!

      2. I guess it kept pinging back because there was a direct link??? Can’t really fathom that one out though, definitely elves. Thanks for the compliment. It’s nice just to get noticed amongst the thousands of scarves floating around on the Internet!

      3. I feel exactly the same with my memoir.I do, however, feel your scarves are very special.You should be very proud of your creativity. Each made with such love, care and consideration to their inspiration. In fact, I think they should be sold with a little back-story – just a small slip of paper enclosed in the packaging would do it. They are artisan pieces. Real one-offs.

      4. Gwen what a helpful idea, thank you so much. In fact I think that’s a brilliant idea. I’ve been trying to explain what my scarves are about, but I think their own back-story would definitely separate them from a lot of the rest. Actually, I’m currently in the process of preparing for an ‘Art Exhibition’ as so many people have thought my work could be included as art. And, following the very recent announcement that ‘Assemble’, a firm of architects, yes architects, have been short-listed for the prestigious Turner Prize, I feel more confident about taking this opportunity.

      5. Isn’t it odd, how tentative creative people feel about putting themselves to the forefront? The work is so intrinsically linked with “us” as an person or entity. Then some “commercial” enterprise comes in to steal all the thunder. I do believe your work is art. And what have you to lose by putting yourself in that space? Glad to be of help in starting the thinking process. I am sure you will build on it 🙂

    1. Thank you. It’s not actual batik, but silk painting. Each scarf is a combination of direct painting and areas and lines of gutta resist. I can see what you are thinking, and I agree the gutta resist areas do sometimes look very similar to batik work. Thank you again for your interest. 😀

  1. About time you realized your scarves works of art! I suggested it in one of my comments quite a while beck and you corrected me! You deserve the attention your work is getting and more.

    1. I’m reading your comment and laughing and I salute your memory and opinions – with a big smile. I’ve always felt that as a person I’m both on the art history hook and the craft maker hook too. I guess it’s quite usual to have multiple views and it’s just taken me a while to get over myself!!!! I’m still smiling. Thanks for the encouragement and insightful comments.

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