Less than a month to Christmas

Christmas-decsMy daughter’s birthday is in November and I’ve often thought how close it is to Christmas giving rise to the possibility of giving her one, extra large, special present to cover both occasions. In truth that’s never happened and like most families, especially those with birthdays on the 25th December, we’ve always kept birthday and Christmas separate.

Of course today it’s Thanksgiving in the United States and rather belatedly it has occurred to me that here we have another special celebration day only a month before Christmas.


It’s all a bit like London buses, you wait for hours then they all come at once!


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

9 thoughts on “Less than a month to Christmas”

  1. Best to keep them seperate. My Dad’s birthday is the 25th December and I don’t think he ever did well out of that.

  2. Exquisite photos of the scarves displayed so elegantly. Christmas must look very beautiful in your house. I will think of you, in the colder weather, staying indoors and soaking up the atmosphere of candles reflecting on the glittering baubles. I bet you make your daughter’s birthday special too! And I am sure she appreciates that it stays a day just for her.

    1. Ah thanks for the compliments. Christmas used to be a pretty affair in my house with traditional food, but since my mother died nobody likes all the old fashioned, heavy Victorian fare – trifle, pudding, cake etc! And, in all honesty, I think my father would much rather be somewhere hot and sunny!

      1. Well, let’s see what the weather pitches up to us this year in Oz. We can no longer rely on hot, dry days. I’m part Italian, so the Christmas we spend together is a mish-mash of culture – but no pudding! It doesn’t go over well at all. On the other hand, my “sister” loves baking, so we have too much tiramisu and pavlova when everybody has already stuffed their faces on pasta, meats, vegetables and salads. Ham and pork are family favourites, then the hostess often worries that’s too much from the one animal, so adds in a lamb roast as well. And my hubbie being a true-blue Aussie, always wants to turn up with prawns and oysters. . . . then there’s the antipasto on arrival, maybe even some panettone. After dessert there’s amaretti and chocolates as “snacks” in case we get peckish. This year will be our smallest gathering, only eight I think, instead of 15-20. Hopefully the menu will be adjusted accordingly 🙂

      2. That’s it so weird – I’ve just been naughtily diverted by thinking about Christmas alternatives and was looking at buying a panettone tin! Absolutely love Italian food and thought I’d have a go at making my own panettone as I like yeast cookery. Sounds as though your family Christmas is a lot of fun (tiramisu and pavlova mmm delicious) and in any case who wants snow for goodness sake!

      3. I have to say, much as I was VERY excited to see snow for the first time in my early twenties, and loved many of the following experiences, I can happily live without it, particularly when it is slushy and slippery out walking. Good luck with the home-made panettone. Never had much luck with yeast cookery myself. Traditional Italians prefer the plain fruit variety, but there are many variations sold in Australia, for example, infused with chocolate and vanilla custard. I prefer it plainer. Must be eaten fresh! (or can toast leftovers).

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