Mugshots or fashion?

Mug-shot-or-fashionScrolling through multiple images from the last clutch of fashion shows it struck me that hair and make-up was moving towards the austere or even harsh. Several shows have models with pale faces featuring that modish special accent, heavy, dark eye-brows. The look is completed with the face framed by tightly styled and restrained hair.

Here this model from a recent Chanel show featured in Vogue UK looks quite irritated in colour, but positively scary in black and white.

Some of these looks combined with the contemporary model countenance, the ‘blank stare’, made me think of mugshots for police records rather than the refined world of haute couture.

However, looking through some of my own recent shots, both in colour and as black and white, I think you can see that it is the facial expression, particularly round the eyes, that makes the tone of the overall image menacing or not and not really the hair or make-up or those eye-brows!

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

7 thoughts on “Mugshots or fashion?”

  1. I think black and white makes any picture more stark just by its nature and then when the faces are grim to start with – ahhh! It makes me feel a bit intimidated about whatever the model is selling if she looks so off putting…

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. I guess we are not the target market! I must tell you that a couple of my scarves that have sold the quickest have been when my model (my patient, unpaid daughter) has been photographed capturing both an inner lit radiance, but with a soft human expression.

      1. Yes, I think that I look at the model and if she seems unhappy wearing the item, well, then, I believe it influences me to think I will be, too. Funny how that subtle cue gets picked up!

    1. Yes, but I think there was a playful, free-wheeling quality beneath the surface to the 60’s images whereas today, to me anyway, it just looks like a mask of anger covering a flat commercial presentation devoid of any creative integrity. Or, am I being too harsh? I think maybe it’s our post post-modern era.

      1. Hmm – I am going to be more observant when I look at fashion pics! Mostly I still think they look like they need a good feed in spite of all the attention that is supposed to be being paid to this issue.

      2. ‘supposed’ is the operative word – it looks to me as bad as it ever was on the size zero issue and recently the issue has been compounded by the use of 12/13 year old girls modelling women’s fashion. Sadly, you really do have to wonder what is going on with the world of fashion.

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