Unusually it’s been rain, rain, rain

In-the-rain-Agapanthus-NorfolkRegular readers will know that as I’ve mentioned before I live in the driest region of the UK. Summer in East Anglia is renowned for open, sunny skies above a patchwork of golden fields of wheat and barley blanketing the gently undulating landscape.


Not this July, it’s been leaden skies and rain, rain, rain. Last Saturday in the Norwich area more rain fell in a 24 hour period than would normally fall during the whole month of July. Low lying areas are flooding, the fields are sodden and all the delicate flowers in my garden have been bashed to death.

I shouldn’t moan too much as earlier in the month there were a couple of bright days ideal for some scarf photography.

And, early yesterday morning before the showers swept up the country from the south west, I managed to photograph those resilient summer flowers that can withstand a summer downpour.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

13 thoughts on “Unusually it’s been rain, rain, rain”

  1. Yes, I think we have to look on the bright side and relish the green lushness around, and the many flowers that HAVE withstood the battering. Looking at photos from friends in Europe, crisp dehydrated leaves and dull yellow hay that passes for grass seems to be the norm there this year.

    1. Yes, you are right we should count our blessings and appreciate our mostly gentle and easy climate. It’s so changeable at least you could never call it boring – says I remembering many a childhood summer’s day at the beach freezing behind the windbreak!

  2. Despite all this rain, you took beautiful pictures,
    and you’re lucky, at home there was a heat wave
    and now a drought …
    Have a nice evening.

    1. Thank you. Ah, yes, drought not great if it continues for a long time even for drought resistant plantings. Wishing you a week of gentle, night-time rain showers and sunny days.

    1. Yes, it is weather all over bizarrely. I’ve just had a comment from somebody in France also suffering a heat wave, but unbroken with a serious continuing drought. Oh, our magical, every changing planet!

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