In the footsteps of medieval artisans – The Huth Hours

Starlings-the-next-generationThe beautiful illuminated Flemish manuscript, the Huth Hours (c.1485), not only has delightful representations of flowers decorating its margins, but every now and then a bird or animal is depicted within the ornamentation.

Thought to have been produced in either Ghent or Bruges over five hundred and thirty years ago, the Huth Hours contains many miniatures as well as pages of text with decorated borders. It is considered to be the work of Simon Marmion and his workshop in collaboration with other unnamed Master artisans.

Five hundred and thirty years ago sounds a long time to us, but it’s less than a blink of an eye for Mother Nature. Spying birds in the finely decorated margins such as starlings and great tits, and then spying the same species in my back garden evoked a wistful sigh from me as I contemplated the cycling of the years and the passing of the centuries.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

6 thoughts on “In the footsteps of medieval artisans – The Huth Hours”

  1. This is lovely. I’d never thought of the painters of illuminated manuscripts as being quite so faithful to Mother Nature. Thanks for these juxtaposed images.

    1. Thank you – I don’t really have the right lens for bird pics, as mostly I photograph scarves and flowers and they don’t fly away when you try to get close! 🙂

    1. Thanks – I was looking through the manuscript when I recognised the birds and that gave me the idea for the post. Plus I was lucky as the young birds are so new and unaware they just sit there and let you get quite close to photograph them.

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