Beside the seaside – sunny, but still surprisingly chilly


A quick drive over to a quiet place on the east coast of Norfolk for a little product photography didn’t go according to plan. Quite often the final week of May feels like summer, but last weekend we had a surprisingly chilly east wind. Growing up on this side of England you’d think I’d be used to it. Actually one year in my teens I remember being on the Suffolk coast when it snowed on the 3rd of June! So I should have known better,
but we were caught out.

Disappointingly, only got one useful image.

hand painted silk
Modelling hand painted silk scarf – Thistil Gold.
Waxham, Norfolk.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

5 thoughts on “Beside the seaside – sunny, but still surprisingly chilly”

    1. Yes, it’s a usual Brit moan about the weather, but we shouldn’t really complain as it’s so benign compared with other parts of the world. Of course, when severe drought hits, sadly, it’s not just humans, but their animals and less well adapted wildlife that also suffer.

  1. Despite the cold, your beach looks very tempting. I’m looking forward to our short visit to Norfolk in ten days or so, and even a chilly beach will be better than no beach to a middle-of-the-country dweller.

    1. You always need an extra layer to hand when visiting the east coast and the north Norfolk coast as well – frequently in mid summer too! Hope you enjoy your visit.

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