Nature does yellow – nobody does it better

It’s that time of year when yellow is big in the garden and often just for a few days you might see people dressed in yellow. For us northern European folks yellow is a notoriously difficult colour to wear successfully. A pale lemon or a gentle soft buttercup knit may look fine in out northern light, but after the long winter and many indoor hours too often even pale yellow does not enhance a washed out and sometimes sickly complexion. Strong bright or piercing acidic yellows are mostly definitely out. And, it’s not just clothing, I’ve noticed how bright yellow cars appear less than appealing in our spring sunshine, yet somehow in the same light nature’s yellow is so satisfying.

Whether it’s cultivated daffodils, violas or forsythia, or even the humble roadside dandelion, nature’s yellow is eye-catching, refreshing and triumphant.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

7 thoughts on “Nature does yellow – nobody does it better”

  1. Indeed! And this is just the moment, isn’t it? Daffodils, primroses, cowslips, gorse, celandines, kingcups all paraded past me only a few minutes ago as I was walking in the fields. So uplifting. I did have a yellow jumper once. It turned into a duster from lack of use……

  2. Our forsythia are just coming out. Spring is late this year. I was thinking this morning about the color scheme for today – pale blue, yellow green, yellow… I enjoyed reading this post because I was thinking about how the yellows at this time of year are so different from the ones in the fall.

    1. Yes, spring is a bit slow here in my back garden. Our appreciation of different colour for different seasons must be in our biology perhaps hardwired from when we lived outside every hour in all weathers.

      1. I think you are right. There is something deeper about greeting the greens and yellows after browns and grays than just preference, at least for me – I almost feel hungry for the change.

  3. You have a real artists eye the way you managed to get all these pictures in the same shade of yellow! Still waiting for our first hint of yellow be they crocus, forsythia or daffodil. My junior high (age 14) graduation dance dress was bright yellow – I still wince when I see the photo…

    1. Oh it’s quite dispiriting how those ‘early’ photos can stick with us – just think what it’s going to be like for the current generation of youngsters. Their pics will be stuck on the very public web for ever and ever. What horror! 😉

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