Fun, but also enriching

Well, this week in UK telly land sees the final of the Great British Bake Off. Not to everybody’s taste, but I have enjoyed this pleasant and rather quaint diversion from all the bad news filling the airwaves.


The GBBO has also nudged me into having a go at baking off-piste shall we say. That is I’ve been experimenting and devising new combinations for old recipes. My latest weekend bake was a version of sticky buns.

Yeast cookery isn’t too difficult it is mostly about not being in a hurry. These sticky buns are made with an enriched dough studded with stem ginger and hazelnuts and baked with a coating of my buttery, caramel sauce. It’s the caramel that gives these buns the glossy, sticky finish.

Enriching a dough means adding butter, sugar and eggs which makes a softer, heavier dough. However, the addition of fat and sugar also slows the action of the yeast and therefore the proving time has to be longer. But the waiting is worth it when you sample the finished sticky buns.

enriched dough buns
The bite of the stem ginger cuts through the sweetness of the sticky caramel coating.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

5 thoughts on “Fun, but also enriching”

    1. Go on, go on – make the green cake and shows us a photo. Although, it does look like a coronary inducing number. It should carry a health warning ‘tiny slices only’ in big RED letters.

      Odds are a guy will win – or could Nancy steal it? As we can only look and not taste it’s hard to make a properly informed prediction isn’t it!

      1. I haven’t dared try the Princess cake yet, as it might kill someone, but it was my birthday and if no-one is going to make you a cake you might as well make your own. So I tried the Sachertorte. It’s a very solid and dense cake – assuming mine is right, of course – and whilst enjoyable (I would do it again) I think it lacks the wow factor.

      2. Happy birthday to you! Ah, no-one to make your cake. Maybe next year.

        Or how about you apply to be on the GBBO next year – I’ve just had a peek at your Sachertorte and it looks very impressive – with shiny icing too which is apparently one of a Sachertorte’s defining qualities. Yup, when I made one it was very dense and chocolatey, but my icing was dull. I was given one once from Vienna in a little wooden box – it too was pretty dense! Without a fancy box, I agree, it does lack the wow factor, but I really enjoyed the strong chocolate taste.

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