Oh dear – we all make mistakes!

Morning-Glory-underneathBack towards the end of June I planted out some Morning Glory seedlings. I usually put a couple in with an early flowering clematis to take over the flowering from mid summer and a couple more that will thread up into the wisteria. However, this year I had the bright idea to add some to twine round my dark red and bright pink dahlias and so I pushed in a few seedlings next to the dahlia tubers.

The dreaded bindweed. Convolvulus arvensis (photographed in a country hedgerow not my garden!)
The dreaded bindweed.
Convolvulus arvensis
(photographed in a country hedgerow not my garden!)

Spin forwards a couple of months, Morning Glory beautiful, but what is this ghastly, strangling white monster that looks so much like Morning Glory – arggh it’s bindweed in with my dahlias, quick yank it out. Then, oh dear, looking closer, I remember my little Morning Glory seedlings, too late, now ripped up and crushed. Of course, both plants are members of the Convolvulaceae family. When I was in Italy, in a warmer climate, I noticed a blue flower version that was as much a weed as white bindweed is here in England. However, as the blue ipomoea dies with the first frosts here it’s a wanted blue flower that’s grown as an annual and not a rampaging, nuisance weed.

The wanted truly blue Morning Glory. Ipomoea nil
The wanted, truly blue, Morning Glory.
Ipomoea nil

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

6 thoughts on “Oh dear – we all make mistakes!”

  1. Convolvulus is a weed? We planted it intentionally when we had a garden. The blue version. It made a wonderful ground cover. LOL. It didn’t seem to go mad, so perhaps that is the different Aussie climate or perhaps a variant developed for the purpose.

  2. I don’t know a lot about the Aussie climate as you have such an enormous variation across the continent. And, of course, you kinda had an island ecosystem until all the varying explorers arrived and brought things they shouldn’t!! I think maybe you are in the perfect gardening ‘zone’ for the blue version to be successful, but not rampant. That’s a nice place to be.

    Hope you are enjoying your visit here – you did bring along a very welcome Indian Summer. I’ve just come back from London where half the students are still in shorts and T-shirts.
    Happy touring, Agnes.

  3. We are enjoying the lovely days, although I am in two layers of long sleeves most times. Still acclimatising. The news from home is that the temps are already in the 30s – wonder what we will get when summer comes? Off now to a small village in Lancs near Cumbria for four days with friends. Hope they have a big kitchen table, I have loads of research info from Bradford to sort out.

    1. So pleased you’re enjoying our Indian Summer. ‘Loads of research’ sounds very promising – hope it proves useful when sorted. Looking forwards to seeing your photos of the Lanc/Cumbria area – there is some dramatic countryside as you travel up towards the Lake District.

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