Double feature, double exposure – no wait, triple!

Agnes-|Ashe-Featured-UKHandmade-2014We have an expression here in England, I used to say it a lot when I lived in London “You wait half an hour for a bus and then three come along at once!”. Well, in this case three pieces of my work have just been featured in three different publications.

I applied to be in the UKHandmade Showcase for jewellery and accessories, and they chose this scarf to fit in with the overall muted colours of their spread. (First bus)

Over the weekend I was checking out the UKHandmade site and looked at the latest edition of their magazine – UKHandmade Magazine Autumn 2014 and, surprise, another of my scarves has been included on the inside front cover. (Second bus)

And, finally, arriving in the post this morning, was the Guild of Silk Painters Year Book 2014 with another pleasant surprise – another scarf, another photo. (Third bus).

Oh, yes and then there are the real London buses!


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

6 thoughts on “Double feature, double exposure – no wait, triple!”

  1. Congratulations Agnes. Such a thrill, and your work deserves showcasing. ps am in England at the moment, heading up to Cambridge, Bradford and Burton-in-Lonsdale Lancs in the next two weeks, then back down to Kent for a bit.

    1. Hope you have a lovely and fruitful time – looks like you have brought the Aussie sun with you, apparently record warm temps for September! I shall watch the sun follow you up the country and back!!!

      Don’t know if you’ve already done it before, but a punting trip in Cambridge including The Backs is well worth it. We had a resting actor punt us along the river and he was very entertaining and informative, but I can’t remember what company we used. Punting is rather serene and beautiful even if the weather is a touch foggy which it is here this morning in Norwich, but then we are quite a bit further east than Cambridge. Have fun, Agnes.

    1. Thank you kindly. I really enjoy reading your reviews particularly your take on UK drama!
      (By the way earlier this year I had the misfortune to see an awful version of Tosca at the ROH, London. It was so poor I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. I don’t like to be too negative. It’s difficult sometimes isn’t it?) Agnes

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