GBBO – European Cakes – How about a Dobos Torte?

Cooled-caramelDuring the run of the BBC’s ‘Great British Bake Off’ there are some weeks when I watch and think, yes, I’ll have a go at that. And, naturally, I do like cake. Here are a few photos taken over the course of several hours as I followed Mary Berry’s recipe for a Dobos Torte from her book ‘Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book’.

As you can see my copy (bought 1994) is rather tatty and well-used, but this was one recipe I hadn’t tried. Spelled, in error Doboz not Dobos and hailing mistakenly from Austria when József Dobos was actually Hungarian, this recipe was still worth trying out!

Firstly, you have to prepare the cake layers. In this recipe they are made using a simple fatless sponge recipe although I noticed on the GBBO they suggested a Genoese sponge. Either with or without butter the mixture has to be whisked for some minutes to get the volume. Mmm – I was supposed to get six layers, but obviously misjudged the amount of mixture for each circle and only ended up with five. Of course, each layer was then not as thin as it should be, but still they were quite thin and baked really quickly and so a couple (perfectionists look away now) were OVERBAKED!

Whilst the circles of sponge cooled I made the ‘fancy’ butter cream. This involved whisking egg whites with icing sugar over simmering water, adding to softened beaten butter and then incorporating carefully melted dark chocolate. At this point I thought if I make this again I’ll sandwich with chocolate ganache instead.

Moving on to the caramel.

‘Photographing making caramel’ = ‘Watching paint dry’
Well, it is a waiting game and then because I was fussing with camera – oohh it so nearly burnt. And, I didn’t want a ‘bin’ episode. Caramel all fine – it should be I’ve been making it since I first made peanut brittle as a 13 year old at school. Don’t think that would get past health and safety these days.

I think the most tricky part when making this cake is achieving the clean cut caramel wedges for the top. You do need to be vigilant and catch the moment for marking and then slicing the top caramel soaked layer.

Time to assemble, invite other cakeaholics round for coffee and biscuits, sorry cake, and cut.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

12 thoughts on “GBBO – European Cakes – How about a Dobos Torte?”

  1. Good effort. I’ve never made such a thing. I do kindof fancy the green Princess cake. Maybe one day. And if that books from 1994 then Mary Berry has aged well!

    1. Ta – don’t know if I’ll ever make it again. Not sure about the green cake. If you don’t get the colour right it could just end up looking mouldy! And, the more I thought about it the odder the shape seems and it just doesn’t feel like the usual Scandi cool.

      1. I have been thinking about the green cake a lot. I have seen them in shops but never knew what they were. I never guessed marzipan. I do feel that you should use an upsidedown dome mould to make the cake right, although perhaps this is cheating. Also I thing some of that spnge wanted trimming.

      2. I’ve not seen them in any shops yet, but I guess now it’s been on GBBO they’ll start popping up all over the place – for a while anyway.

      3. That’s funny because I’ve been seeing a lot of comments from people up here in the north reminiscing about getting them as children, even if they didn’t know what they were called. I have seen them a lot in the fresh cake section of local supermarkets. It’s odd as I wouldn’t put Swedish down as making up any of the “traditional” Manchester population like you could, say, with the Polish.

        But, as the local said, even our big posh cake shop down the road makes them. In different sizes to order.

      4. Gosh – that’s very green!!

        Perhaps it is a ‘northern’ thing as I was talking to my sister who lives in Devon and she said she hadn’t seen any down her way, well, not until they hit GBBO! You’d think if it was such a big Swedish speciality they’d offer a version at IKEA.

    1. Not really – I definitely prefer cream based fillings to butter cream. I might make it again, but I will flavour it with nuts and chocolate as well as the caramel. Have already written that across the page in the book!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy reading your history posts particularly your experiences delivering the Tudors to contemporary ‘celebrity diverted’ students!!

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