Sometimes it is black and white

NatDynamic2About four times a year I collect together my recent work and spend a day having my scarves modelled and photographed. Every time I’ve done this I have started out with a vague idea of what I wanted, but never clear or strong enough to get instant results. But of course, nothing is simply instant and now experience has shown me that it always takes two or three hours minimum before we start to achieve some worthwhile images.

All my product photographs are in colour as if you are going to buy a scarf you want to see what colour it is. But every now and then a shot just looks so much better in black and white.


Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it is black and white”

  1. I know I’m not good with faces, but I imagine that you’re going to tell me that all the three photos in the middle have the same girl in. It looks like you’ve got two for the price of one there, to me, as changing the hair and look makes her look very different. And as for the naked scarf modelling…

    1. What is that ridiculous little phrase “the camera never lies” – it should be the camera ALWAYS lies and even more so when each photograph is then photoshopped. Yes, you are right the three shots in middle are all the same girl – you should see the photograph of her blonde with dreads!

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