Summer shows, summer colour

Krasimira Ivanova-Stayneva
Krasimira Ivanova-Stayneva from the University of East London, Graduate Fashion Week. Summer colours not over bright, but with energy.
The graduate and undergraduate shows have been in full swing with Graduate Fashion Week. Across the UK over 1000 fashion students have been showing off their design skills hoping to get noticed by a prestigious fashion house. Their work professionally modelled and professionally photographed can be found by clicking on the specific university fashion show on the Vogue page. The educational institutions are intriguingly sandwiched between some famous haute couture names. I suppose that is how it should be as today’s graduating students are tomorrow’s leading designers.

Richard Quinn
Richard Quinn from Central Saint Martins, Graduate Fashion Week.
Painterly floral skirt offset with midnight blue trim.

Bold patterns, delicate intricate fabrics and a smattering of the current favourite, painterly florals floated up and down the catwalks. There were numerous unusual, striking and even provocative outfits. Bright colours followed dark and gloomy palettes.

And, there was fun with some amusing, charming designs from Rebecca Rimmer graduating from the University of Central Lancashire. I particularly liked her work as I think that sometimes fashion can take itself a bit too seriously.

Rebecca Rimmer
Rebecca Rimmer from the University of Central Lancashire, Graduate Fashion Week.
Fun and the detailing of the black frilling flicks out from the yellow counterpart.

Finally, here’s a photo of the fantastic Linda Rodin (65 years young), reminding everybody that fashion is for all ages.

Linda Rodin
Linda Rodin modelling for the J.Crew 2012 campaign.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

5 thoughts on “Summer shows, summer colour”

  1. Lovely colours, and of course I love the painterly florals. Linda Rodin looks amazing … not just her slim figure but her confident use of colour.

  2. Local schools here are doing the same thing – I have read about the students’ work in the paper. This is a great post and interesting to me – I’m not too fashionable in clothing myself but I love to look at it. And it is great to see new young people just starting out. Thanks for the post.

      1. Yes, and using their imaginations in ways I find really interesting, since I don’t think of clothes as art, or even being designed. I mean when I choose them for myself (usually wearing jeans and sweaters!)

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