On the edge – and at the back!

agnes ashe
Bag packed and ready for the TV shoot!
Yesterday, I went to London on a very early train to be on the set at a film studios. Doesn’t that sound glamorous! Well, yes and no. The UK part of Etsy was filming their first TV Ad. About 80 of us (very lucky) Etsy UK traders had been selected via Instagram to take part. We all turned up with some of our work, the long day began and filming continued until the sun went down. Very exciting, but as is the norm for this type of thing there was an awful lot of waiting around.

product thumbnails scarves
These were the pieces I chose to take for the day.

Now I’m not being precious, but we had to sign various forms restricting the uploading of images from the day’s activities, so I’m afraid no pics from the day here until Etsy release the official photos. The final TV Ad is for the British market, but no doubt it will be put up on the Internet in the future for the whole world to see!

My assistant/model and I were on the set. She was on the edge and I was at the back. Some folks love the camera, but I’ve never liked being photographed and unexpectedly there I was an ‘extra’. Can’t wait to see the advert, hope I can see my assistant in it and all the new friends I made yesterday, but genuinely hope I’m lost in the crowd.

sunny morning
So lucky the weather turned out to be fine all day with NO RAIN.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

8 thoughts on “On the edge – and at the back!”

    1. Thanks I was thrilled to be chosen and it was a very, very interesting day. And, it was so nice to meet the Etsy creative and vintage people in real life!

    1. I’m sure it will be posted by the Etsy UK people and, of course, as soon as that happens I will put up a link. I am very interested to see the final ‘cut’ from all the takes. Hopefully I will be able to be less cryptic and explain more later.

    1. Yes, and I just love the way that ‘small’ people from all over the planet can be buyers and sellers internationally. Enjoying your photography, too!

  1. Agnes, I wear a scarf ( a different one!) virtually every day – and I’m so enthralled by the colours and patterns of your wonderful designs.
    Will be dropping broad hints to the husband … Anniversary in August!

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