The Silk Road

If you’re visiting the Netherlands over the summer there’s a whole exhibition about ‘The Silk Road’ at the Hermitage, Amsterdam. As you may recall ‘The Silk Road’ is one of my favourite historical routes for the transmission of design motifs from the East to the West.

I am not a tourist

camelsilkroute I visited the Hermitage again, this time to see their “ Silk Road Exhibition; Treasures from the Hermitage “.

The Silk Road stretched from China to Europe through various central Asian countries, it crossed borders, cultures and languages allowing trade for centuries. It’s a fascinating route – the cultures and languages along it are diverse and so are the treasures in the exhibition.

There are a pair of merchant’s trousers, which means you’re looking at silk that was woven more than a thousand years ago. Wall frescoes from many of the trading station have been restored and show the legends of the time. There’s a wall of coins from across the route, and there are figurines whose faces show the diversity of people involved in this most famous of trading routes.

The artifacts are beautifully presented, with good information about the treasures. It’s set up so that you can travel…

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