Eight years on.

Reflecting 8 yrs

A moment of reflection this morning and I realised that my back garden has been evolving further and further away from its original plan, but I decided it doesn’t really matter. As with all life, nothing is set in stone and gardening is all about continual adaptation. But here’s a before and after.

garden waiting
The day the removal men dumped all my pots and stuff in the tired, old garden.
back garden planting
Eight years on – my garden this morning.

Over 50 years ago somebody planted this magnolia soulangeana in what is now my father’s garden. It was planted in a sunny but exposed position and the soil is too thin. Amazingly it puts on a brief, over-the-top show once a year. It is not a popular choice these days, not least as it is difficult to place in a more naturalistic planting scheme especially where space is restricted. However, who would be mean enough to cut down a small tree that flowers its heart out every spring?

Magnolia soulangeana
Magnolia soulangeana

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “Eight years on.”

  1. I saw the before picture and thought it was a nice big garden. It certainly has evolved a lot! So much has changed that I can’t even find a point of reference to know it was the same garden. The (similar sized) pond in ours takes up quite a lot of space, but you have much more room. Hope the wildlife loves it.

    1. It isn’t very big that’s my old camera on some odd setting before I learnt how to change it! Reference point is the end of the garage (upper left corner) – I have attempted to take the shot from same position, but photos don’t tell the truth – do they? Yes, the pond is for the critters, but it’s not really deep enough and a hard winter ends with frog corpses floating up to the surface after the thaw. I fish them out and bury them in mini frog plague pits.

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