Rain, rain, rain

Oxford St London RainLast week I was in London. I was supposed to meet my sister in the evening, but as she lives in Devon she didn’t make it. It was a shame, but the railways had requested people only travel if their journey was essential. Some folks have been deep in snow, others are facing drought, but parts of the West Country in the UK has been flooded since before Christmas.

Hints of Blade Runner

After my meeting I took the opportunity to take some photos of London that looked more like Los Angeles, 2019, from the film ‘Blade Runner’.

Urban future

But then I found one shot that made me think of a very expensive painting ($87 million) by Rothko. It is the colours, yes, but also there is a hint of possible brush marks.

London rain photo
Photograph – Traffic lights in the rain.

Orange, Red, Yellow, 1961 by Mark Rothko
Orange, Red, Yellow, 1961 by Mark Rothko

Photo from Mark Rothko Org.

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11 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain”

      1. Lol. Not sure why WordPress posted my comment as ‘anonymous’. I think there is a secret agent at work. You know me Agnes, I expect art to be more – well – artistic. You know how much I love colour. But bunching two colours together and calling that creative genius? I just don’t get it. Maybe as a colonial, I am still evolving. BTW, curious how you featured Mark Rothko, as so did blogger Sandra Danby just the other day. She has weaved ‘Light Red over Black’ into her story Ignoring Gravity (episode #52). So I’ll accept my tastes are in the minority 🙂

      2. It was you!! I’d no idea what part of the planet the comment had originated from. Ah, Rothko – colours great, but not sure I really get it. For me, also like you, it’s too content light – visually, and I don’t want to gaze for hours and mentally construct some elevated response. I just happened to think ‘Bit Rothko like’ (an old prof’s favourite not mine) when I saw the rainy traffic lights pic.

  1. Great photos – my favourite is the first where you can make out the soaking street scene. Extreme weather, like so many of us have suffered through, is just what climate change is supposed to bring. Your final photo seems to depict a blazing sun and raindrops all in one.

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