The Model Question

Here is a little question – is there a professional view that always prevails? Big production, fashion magazine shoots seem to take their beautiful, thin, young models and shoot them looking at best irritated, but more often angry or depressed. Are other options a possibility?

Full-face looking at the lens? And cheerful. Posed and angled? Perhaps a bit old fashioned.

And the facial expression . . . ? Blank?

Well, may I ask for your opinions? I have been bogged down with so many photos I can no longer see the wood for the trees. This handful gives a rough overview of the choices I have.

And, here are some gorgeous professional fashion photographs from the masters, Nick Knight, Tim Walker, Rankin, and David Bailey if only …

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

10 thoughts on “The Model Question”

  1. For what it’s worth I prefer the ones looking casually away from the camera of the four that aren’t the close-ups. Both the big close ups look very natural.

    1. Your opinion is valuable and I think you’re right about the big two which look natural, but they don’t look right for a fashion photo. Thanks for your input – much appreciated.

  2. Changed my mind 6 times! The model is so beguiling, but if you want the attention more on the beautiful scarf, perhaps no 4 or no 6; but they’re all lovely.

    1. I think you changed your mind lots as none of them are right. I can see that now, but I don’t know why. Thank you very much for your comment it’s making me consider exactly what I want to be the purpose of the photos.

  3. I was a bit slow on commenting here, but I was going to say exactly that – what is the purpose of the photos? Magazine covers are to draw the reader in, mystery, allure, fashionista, etc. For profiling the scarves, is it possible that the model can be a distraction? For my mind, I would be looking at using the model to demonstrate ways the scarf can be worn. You could even consider using a range of age groups and colouring???

    1. Yes, I’ve been thinking about that. I went to a meeting in London last week about selling handmade online. Generally ‘you’ must have great photos and the more professional the better, but I was unclear as to how to appeal to more than one target market. Thank you for your input. It is very useful to have real people ‘out there’ commenting.

  4. Even though I’m a bit late I’m jumping in – I found myself concentrating too much on the pretty face in all but one and that was the first one of the bigger two (#5). In that one the focus is clearly on the scarf as she peaks in from the top corner of the photo. I have purchased online and I like to be able to see different parts of the pattern I’m buying and am never much bothered with the model.

    1. Thank you very much for your helpful comment. Buying online is different from a gallery or shop isn’t it? You want to see lots of good photos including close-up detail to make an informed decision once something has caught your attention. I thought No.5 was the most interesting photo all round.

  5. The considered opinion in our household is photo no.5 – shows off the scarf well and a model looking directly out at you distracts from the product! Beautiful scarves and beautiful model!

    1. Thank you for your ‘household’s’ views and your kind compliments. I thought the model was too heavily made up, but realised that was probably my fault as I hadn’t been clear as to what overall look I was aiming for.

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