Time to prune

Wisteria May 2013If you want the above in early summer then now’s the time to get up the ladder and prune the wisteria. Here we start with a big tangle.

Wisteria Feb 2014

Trace the long wippy growth from last summer back towards the main framework of the plant. Make an angled cut, pruning back to a couple of fat buds leaving a spur of about three or four inches.

A couple of hours later and the winter prune is done. Depending on your soil you may want to beef up last autumn’s mulch with some light, garden compost to promote spring growth. Now leave the rest to nature and hopefully it will develop like this.

Wisteria floribunda after its winter prune.
Wisteria floribunda after its winter prune.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

11 thoughts on “Time to prune”

      1. I planted a wisteria years ago when I lived in Sunbury-on-Thames; love to go back now and see the wonderful display when the garden is “open”.

      2. For me that is the best part of gardening – planting for the long term, but you have to have faith that future owners/caretakers will not grub it up.

    1. It all depends what type of Clematis you have, but in the end no pruning is fine as nature still flowers without our intervention just not quite so prolifically.

    1. I’ve seen it’s been very cold this winter from your posts, but if you covered the roots last autumn with a good 6 inches of mulch, fingers crossed, there should be green shoots in the spring.

    1. Here in East Anglia we are escaping the worst, but my sister lives in Devon and it’s pretty bad. They are lucky they are on a hill. She spoke to my father this afternoon and said the rain has been so heavy for so long and now with the wind they’ve got several leaks. We all feel so sorry for the folks who have had there homes flooded.

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