Diva Pink

pink silk scarfBrilliant, vivid colours are not to everybody’s taste, but some people live technicolor, dynamic lives and appear to have larger than life personalities. For those opera stars fuchsia pink and scarlet seemed the natural choice.

A little bit of scorching colour doesn’t do the rest of us any harm during a grey, miserable January – so I give you pics of Peacock Wave Pink (no longer with me as this silk scarf was left at the Stage Door).

silk scarf pink and red

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

8 thoughts on “Diva Pink”

  1. You’re so right about the need for colour at this time of year. I’m busy sporting a bright orange and pink scarf at the moment (something I’d never usually wear) and it’s cheering me up no end!

  2. Lovely hot colours that would warm you up just wearing it -is this one of your creations?….What did you mean ‘left at the stage door’ and what do the words signify? Don’t mean to complicate such a beautiful and simple blog but it piques my curiousity.

    1. Yes, it’s some of my work. The words are all mezzo soprano roles. Beautiful singing is breathtaking and uplifting. I love all kinds of voices, but don’t sing myself. I gave this scarf to a doorman to pass on to a singer in appreciation of an amazing performance. (Bit weird or just old-fashioned, don’t know, but felt compelled!)

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