A Blue and Green Affair

Peacock by Peter Kraayvanger
Photo by Peter Kraayvanger
The enduring appeal of the peacock display of colours recently caught my attention and prompted me to venture into a so-called forbidden combination. I think I first heard my Nanna declare ‘Blue and green should never be seen’, when I was a child.

art nouveau peacocks Royal Arcade, Norwich

How ridiculous, obviously nobody told the peacocks. And, when you think about it blue and green has been a popular and classic combination for centuries!

Dragonflies also come along in blue and green combinations providing even more inspiration if you find that splendid peacock not enough.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

4 thoughts on “A Blue and Green Affair”

  1. These are elegant scarves. My mother had the same rule about black and brown and I think she might be right but you’re the artist and may be able to prove that old rule wrong too.

    1. Ah yes the black and brown conundrum. I think anything is acceptable these days, but I also think it’s all down to the proportions of each colour and any accent colour you choose.

      I meant to comment on your ice photos that looked so beautiful, but when I saw the awful damage to those big ol’ trees it made me stop and think. Like you say, nature is visually stunning and equally harsh, but that’s just how it is.

      1. Yes, nature is ultimately in charge no matter how we like to think otherwise – hope you got through your stormy Christmas weather. Look forward to enjoying your blog in 2014.

      2. We have been very lucky in East Anglia so far and have missed the really strong gales. Some people in the southern counties have been without electricity since Christmas Eve. I guess there have been power outages too on your side of the pond with all the freezing rain.

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