Reinterpretation of a Delicate Wedgwood Ceramic

Every now and then I’m asked to create a silk piece guided by the colours and decorative qualities of a non-textile form. Sometimes a commission is quite personal, a customer may wish to have a special scarf to remind them of a person or a pet or an event. Or sometimes, and this is more difficult, a sentiment.
silk scarf detail
People often turn to nature and, in particular, flowers for inspiration for silk painting, but I suggest shape, colour and the decorative details from other human made artefacts can also elicit visually creative solutions. In order to get a firm idea of what a person is looking for I suggest they select pictures that fit their mood. Often beautiful glass and ceramics are a rich source of inspiration and can be reinterpreted and reworked to produce the type of scarf that they are looking for.

I hope you can see that this beautiful Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware candlestick with its intricate design and translucent glazes was the ceramic inspiration for the ‘Guinevere’ silk scarf. Previously, I wrote a little post with info/history about Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware.

Silk Scarf Guinevere -  Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware inspired silk scarf.
Silk Scarf Guinevere – Wedgwood Fairyland lustreware inspired piece.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

5 thoughts on “Reinterpretation of a Delicate Wedgwood Ceramic”

  1. The scarf looks beautiful! Apart from knowing Wedgewood as one of the most famous bone china manufacturers, I don’t know much about them. Therefore, I didn’t know anyting about this beautiful candle stick. Looking at the scarf and the candle stick side by side, I can appreciate when your inspiration came from. It’s very interesting and rewarding to know how a creative mind works. (^-^)

    1. Thanks for the praise, but It isn’t just me – there’s always the influence of the person who’s asked for the piece. You have to try and interpret what they want and work out what they’d like. Some people are more specific than others. Hope you are feeling better now.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I think the difference is also the soft lustre from silk is a quality of being a flexible woven textile, but the slightly sharper lustre on the firm ceramic is a product of the glazes on the surface.

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