October 3 – A Grandmother’s Birthday

1962 beach portrait
My mother on the beach – 1962.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the moments we are living and then with a blink of an eye they’re gone. We are lucky in our family as my late mother agreed to be the ‘star’ of a 3 minute video filmed by one of her grandchildren as coursework for a school exam.

family portrait 1912
My mother’s granny, Clara, with her children – 1912.

I remember my mother saying to me that she was the last person still alive who could remember her Granny. Like many families we have old photographs some even of our Victorian relatives, but now with videos and YouTube a moving, talking memento is captured and shared. It brings a new dimension to memories as individuals along with the film-maker actively curate their lives. But there is still space for a single shot to capture the essence of the person.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

2 thoughts on “October 3 – A Grandmother’s Birthday”

  1. I found this very touching. I was especially taken by the idea of a chain of family members stretching into the past (and the future) joined by overlapping lives. I have thought about this myself when talking about my grandmother, who died 35 years ago, and yet she is still very alive in my thoughts, almost every day…

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comment. I think grandmothers are often underrated, but hopefully not forgotten. More broadly, I’m not really sure how I feel about recording and photographing much of our lives as our memories can be so insubstantial that sometimes we end up remembering the picture/video and not the experience of the person. It’s slippery.

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