Strumpshaw Fen and Nature’s Autumn Bounty

strumpshaw fen
Across the reed beds at Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk
Sometimes we witness a brief moment when there is an abundance of brilliant, ripened berries decorating the hedgerows before they are stripped by the birds preparing for winter.

The Guelder Rose berries
Viburnum opulus

Sambucus nigra

Dog Rose hips
Rosa canina

Strumpshaw Fen is an RSPB Reserve just east of Norwich on the River Yare. This morning it was quite windy, but we still saw herons, ducks, swans, a couple of lazy pheasants and some dragonflies. I have seen a marsh harrier before on the Broads, but nothing so exciting this time.

View from Strumpshaw Fen

Meanwhile, back at home, down the garden there are some autumn berries almost ripe enough for me to eat – my raspberries, Autumn Bliss, and safely behind some netting.

Raspberry Autumn Bliss

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

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