First Beans Friday

Runner beans
Runner Beans variety Moonlight.
Back in June I posted about growing your own fruit and veg, well the strawberries have just finished, but this morning I’ve picked my first runner beans.

Last summer the weather was so terrible here in East Anglia I had a very sorry crop of runner beans. So instead of saving a few bean seeds (White Lady) from last year I splashed out this spring and bought fresh seeds of a different variety. I chose a variety called Moonlight as apparently they’ve been bred to flower and set even in poor weather. And, success, I think this is the earliest I’ve had runner beans and they look like they are going to crop well. Also, I gave my father some seedlings to grow on in June and they are doing well and are about to crop too – so, at this stage Moonlight is looking good.

Now, just have to see what they taste like!

Ah yes, and this delicate beauty has come into flower. Isn’t nature just splendid sometimes?

Pink Alcea, Hollyhock
Very pale pink single hollyhock.

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