Strawberries & Cream – It must be Wimbledon

Strawberry plants
It’s late, but at last here come the strawberries and here comes summer.

Finally, finally, finally – the strawberries are beginning to ripen. I’ve been out picking, eating the odd berry as I go (as you do) and donating the slug attacked fruits to the mother blackbird trying to feed two fat babies.

I only have a small raised bed and if it’s not netted the birds eat the lot. I grow Elsanta and Sonata but, the best flavoured strawberries that suit my growing conditions here in East Anglia (neutral soil, fierce drainage, low rainfall) happen to be a Scottish variety called Red Gauntlet. It has an intense almost perfume-like flavour and is very sweet.


Oh look, what do we have here? Somebody is off to the tennis with her friends.

Hatted & dressed for Wimbledon
“Come on, hurry up – I need to catch the train”

Old muggins me isn’t going to Wimbledon, but no worries, I’ve got a consolation prize!

Bowls of strawberries and cream
An English summer treat – strawberries, cream and home-made shortbread.

Author: agnesashe

Artisan, blogger and passionate East Anglian working from home.

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